Our Approach


Through innovative solutions that help children living in poverty achieve their potential, Thankful Thinking is changing the world — one child at a time. Working through local partner organizations, we ensure children are protected and have what they need to achieve their potential at every age.

Thankful Thinking believes improving children’s well-being also depends on protection from harm.

For Children living in poverty, resources are hard to come by. Parents too often lack the resources to give their children what they need. Opportunities for education and livelihood are severely limited. Thankful Thinkings ’s programs address these issues so that girls and boys living in poverty can thrive.


Programs for children and young teensfocus on increased learning, health, positive relationships with peers and adults, and skills for active participation in family, school and community life.
For youth, our programs focus on improved employment, sexual and reproductive health, and civic engagement and leadership.

How do we help children be safe, healthy, learning and hopeful?

our approach

Thankful thinking uses a holistic approach that focuses on the developmental and protection needs of children at each stage of life, from birth to early adulthood. We also pay special attention to the transitions between one stage of childhood and the next.

All aspects of a child’s life are interconnected. Thankful thinking’s approach mirrors this interconnectedness, providing integrated programs and services that have a proven positive impact in addressing what children need for their long-term well-being.

Working through community-based partner organizations, we engage children and youth, their parents and families, and the people and systems that support them.  We put the child at the center, protected and supported at each stage of life with programs that the communities themselves own in order to improve children’s lives and create positive social change.